Chapter 101 August 10, 2019 Meeting Summary

Twenty-six members and guests of Chapter 101 gathered on Saturday, August 10, at St. Paul's

Anglican Catholic Church, 2560 Lake Michigan Drive in Grand Rapids. Doors opened at 9am

for Mart setup.

August's Mart was small but interesting. On offer for clock collectors were four plastic

shoe boxes full of cuckoo-clock weights: a massive, high capacity ultrasonic cleaner with heater;

a user-made parts drier; a build-it-yourself medieval clock kit, new in box and still shrink

wrapped; a French wall clock with heavy ormaloo; a time-only depression era wooden German

deco wall clock; a crystal regulator case with beveled glass sides sans movement; a small,

chrome Chelsea ship's clock and a larger copper Chelsea ship's clock; a Chelsea house clock in

beautiful wooden beehive case; a Negus New York (Serial Number 1990) deck chronometer; and

an illustrated "Big Shot Shells” dial for wall clock or tall case clock.

Watch collectors also had limited pickings in August. There were several wooden

carry-and-display watch cases along with a leather roll with heavy-duty handle for storing and

transporting wristwatches. Additionally, there were three cases of pocket watches and one of


The clock and watch contests continued the study of clocks and watches with attributes

assigned by a letter of the alphabet. In August any clock or watch or tool whose maker’s name,

place of manufacture, material, function, model name, or ornament begins with the letter 'D', 'E’,

or 'F' competed. In the watch division Rich Weiderman took first place while his wife Jane

captured second. In clocks, Jon Start won first place honors while Hosea Jump took second.

Hosea Jump also gave August's program. He discussed thinning ones collection, a timely

topic for an aging membership.

Those wishing to know more about Chapter 101 and its happenings are encouraged to

check out our web presence at or to contact President Bob Pulsifer at (517)


Richard Weiderman