Chapter 101

February Meeting


The Covid virus is rampaging.
In many places it is raging totally out of control.
New and more 
easily transmissible varieties are circulating among us unchecked. The situation has never been more dire. Consequently,
Chapter 101's February 2021 meeting is cancelled.

Amid the cacophony of bad news
there is one note worth amplifying: the vaccine is available.

Contact your county health department to learn more about availability in your area.
Later this year enough persons will be inoculated to bring the pandemic to a close.
When that happens Chapter 101 can gather again for all things horological.

We look forward to that day.

2021 Meeting Schedule:

Chapter 101 Meeting February 6, 2021

Chapter 101 Meeting April 10, 2021

Chapter 101 Meeting June 5, 2021

Chapter 101 Meeting August 7, 2021

Chapter 101 Meeting October 2, 2021

Chapter 101 Meeting December 4, 2021


Street Map to Church Meeting Place