Meeting Notice

NAWCC Chapter 101

NAWCC Chapter 101

Saturday, April 18, 2020




Our April 18 Meeting

is Canceled

Dear Chapter 101 Members,
Because of the viral pandemic we are canceling our meeting for April 18, when the situation will likely be more dire than even now. We encourage all members to keep their heads down, their powder dry, and not to stare at the clock. Watching the clock only makes time pass more slowly. Instead, while away the heavy hours by organizing your collection as you’ve intended for the last several years, dusting you clocks, cleaning your repair area, and finally finishing the projects you started so long ago. Now’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in our fascinating hobby even more strenuously. One place to do that is online at the NAWCC website, where the forum discussions of everything horological have something to interest everyone. Check it out here:

Street Map to Church Meeting Place